Tuesday, September 28, 2010

HAWT!!! And Super Pewter

So here in Southern California, yesterday and today more than likely have been the hottest days of the year.

It reached a scorching 111 degrees Fahrenheit in my area.


That does say One Hundred and ELEVEN degrees.

Why are you complaining about this, Heather? I live in __(Enter City Here)__ where it is that hot in December!

(Cities that come to mind are Vegas, Anywhere in Arizona or Texas, etc...)

Well, my friends, I still have the incubator on... And where it is located in the house is not conducive to keeping cool, which leads to overheating incubators.

Yes, there is central air, but when it is 111 outside, it takes a LONG time to cool down.

So I was and am concerned about the next few days, as not only did I have to put off shipping (DUH) animals in the heat, I am also worried about the eggs that are due to pip in the next few days.

But, so far so good. And the max that the incubator hit was 93. This is not great, but its not horrible. Let me also preface this by saying this was the temperature IN the incubator, not in the boxes themselves. Pippers are still pipping and alive. All signs point to okay.

So lets hope today stays a bit cooler.

Anyway, on to happier subjects, while the air is on and it is cooling down...

Here is the Super Pewter.

She has not shed yet, but she is doing very well.

I took a picture with her half sister, one of the Silver Bullets I hatched out. Once the Super Pewter sheds out, we will get a better idea of the final coloration, but look at the SILVER on the Super Pewter, my friends.


Looking forward to seeing her colors after her shed.

I'll be doing this photo shoot again when that happens.

I have a lot to share once things shed... I'm getting impatient for new skin.

COME ON, Ecdysis. You can do it...

Have a fantastic day, my friends.


Chris R said...

Hope it cools down there for you. We had weather like that last month while we were on vacation and it was MISERABLE. You may have to look into getting a cheap small AC window unit and help out the central air. The Silver Bullet and Super Pewter are smokin hot!

Jackie M. said...


It's a mere 106F here right now! And it's keeping me from receiving my new enchi or the CH ghost I paid for back in MAY.