Monday, September 20, 2010

Crystals and Super Pewters!!! ACK!

OH MAN, this weekend has been a hatching crazy bonanza, my friends.

Let me share with you my excitement.

This clutch hatched out on Saturday...

Sterling to Pewter:

I got my Super Pewter! But she is a gal... No big deal! :)

So ended up being:

1.0 Pastel
0.1 Super Pastel
1.2 Pewters
1.0 Sterling
0.1 Super Pewter

SUPER PEWTER!!!!  (With the Sterling) Boo boo photo though..


And... to top it all off, the Pastel Super Mojave to Special clutch hatched out completely on Sunday.

Ended up with:

2.2 Crystals
0.1 Pastel Crystal
0.1 Pastel Mojave

I'm calling the Pastel Crystal and Crystals based on the head coloration. I'm waiting for them to shed to be 100% sure, but that is what I see right now.

What do you guys think?

Sorry for the ugly pictures. I'm going to have to get some better photos soon..


I'm not sure what to do with all of this, but I am very excited for the opportunity!

I'm going to go think about things for a while...


Have a fantastic week, my friends!


Robert said...

Wow, congrats for that crystal clutch! You smoked those odds!

rex said...

WOW! I need to stop drooling now. Congrats H! What's the SPECIAL female? Can you show us her picture or is it a secret ;)

nancywheat said...

They are all gorgeous, Heather!! WoooHooo sums it up perfectly! :D

Jackie M. said...

That's a crazy lot of crystals in one place, lady.

Brandi said...

AMAZING HEATHER!!! I am so happy that the Odds Gods hopped on your side!! I remember when you first got in on the Crystal project, so I am SO happy to see it pan out so well for you!!! *hugs*

Kyle Frost said...

Congrats Heather! You got more crystals than a chandelier!