Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sadness and Happiness (Not for the weak of heart)

Since this weekend, there has been ups and downs and highs and lows.

If you notice, I hadn't really updated you guys on the other clutches that were due to hatch out a few days before the other...

Well, there was a good reason for that.

The Genetic Stripe het clutches that were meant to hatch out were devastatingly bad.

Meet an animal I had to cull.

Yes, it was alive when it tried to hatch out. It did not get completely out of the egg, and was still connected to the yolk. I had cut the egg a few days ago, and that is the only way it got out of the egg. When it was out of the egg, I thought it was dead.

When I saw the face, which was missing part of the upper jaw and most of its face, as well as many kinks in its spine and was not able to move other than to breathe.

So... I had to cull it. (It was frozen in our deep freezer)

The only reason there was blood was that when I was trying to move it, the umbilicus ripped off and started bleeding as well, so I knew it wasn't going to survive no matter what I tried to do.

Everytime I see things like this, it makes me very sad.

This particular animal had two other siblings in the clutch as well, and one other died in the egg, while the first and only survivor is doing fine. 

Part of the deal as a breeder, having animals that do not thrive, cannot thrive, and will suffer in life.
It's hard.

I actually didn't just lose this animal this weekend, I also lost a non-feeding Axanthic today. So with the ups comes the downs.

But again, remember, this is a small bump in the road considering how many animals I have hatched out sucessfully so far this season.

So with this reminder to those of you out there that were considering breeding, or have been breeding, don't forget that these things happen. Be prepared.

But again, this is not to prevent you all from trying it... just to remember that it is a possibility.

Without trying, you cannot succeed.

Don't forget that.

Have a great day, my friends.

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