Friday, September 24, 2010

White Snakes that aren't so white

Well, I have yet to perfect my white snake photography, and I really need to. This animal is white. You cannot tell really from the photos that I have here, but she is.

Here we go, the shed out Pastel Super Mojave. 

Granted, the subtle colors jump out at you with these photos, so we will discuss them, just because they are obvious.

Lets start with the head.

The head is the only part of this animal that doesn't look white, no matter what. With the Super Mojave, as well as the Pastel Super Mojave, there is a grey head involved. The Pastel portion washes out the darker head of a regular Super Mojave, but it is still grey. Just a lighter grey.

The head also sports some awesome racing stripes down the sides of the eyes to the base of the head, typical of most patterned Ball Pythons. They are like racing glasses, or... super trendy makeup. I dunno. They are just there. What do you think they look like?

Anyway, down to the body. There is a slight yellow line down the center of the spine, that should go away with age. The saddles are yellow-y, while the spinal area is more purple-y.

I really like her a lot, and she will be with me for a while. I was trying to get her to be a part of the photography session, but I am still not perfected with the white snakes. Albinos don't help either...

Anyway, enjoy the photos, ask some questions, and we will have a great weekend together!

Have a fantastic weekend, my friends.

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