Monday, September 6, 2010

Camping, Good Times, and Caramels

Well, I'm back from my excursion, sunburnt, tired, and not very well rested, but it was worth it.

I unplugged, and it was a rather odd feeling.

We went out to Irvine, and there is a lake there. It's called Irvine Lake. This place is about an hour away from the house, and like 5 minutes away from civilization, but it worked. 

Here we are setting up the campsite.

Yes, we took the Fuzzes with us.

We actually took the whole family.

Hey, Look!!! It's Marty Cohen!

So we set up camp, had a nice night under the stars, and then did a bit of fishing..

Saw some wildlife, including a Black and White Banded California Kingsnake, but I didn't get a chance to catch it... or take a picture of it. Was too busy handling the dawgs to be able to jump into the brush. BOOOO.

But I did get some pictures of this guy.

And of these wild critters frolicking in the water while we were fishing...

And the fish I caught...

YAY Bass!

I also caught this guy later that evening in a different spot.

Catfish for the win.

They taste like dirt, but hey... They are fun to catch!

So after the trip was over and home was upon us, I got to find snake babies in the incubator. Turns out two Caramel males and four hets, with one Caramel dead in the egg. It looked kinked from what I could see, so I'm not sure what caused it to pass, but I didn't really feel like opening up the egg to find out, so... Here is what I have alive and well.

The other male has a kink in his neck, so we shall have to see what happens when he tries to eat. I will highlight the kink in another blog.

So there we have it, people.

My weekend, my free day off today dealing with more snakes and prepping for the show, and I am also going to be out of town for business over the next week, so its going to be hectic for me very soon. Anahiem countdown is now five full days away. ARE YOU READY??? (I'm not!)

Have a fantastic Labor Day day, my friends!

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