Wednesday, September 15, 2010

White Snake

Well, over this past weekend, I hatched out a few things, including our Caramels that I will reintroduce.

There were three in the last clutch, one that died in the egg, and one that had a neck kink. Here are the other two that are almost perfect, one being from the original clutch.

Here they are. Both boys, both gorgeous, and both doing great!

One thing I love about Caramel Albinos is the red pupils.. I tried to capture that on the photos, but I was not very good at it.

This guys is my favorite. He has great color, and floaty alien heads! Love it.

This is the other, and he is doing fine as well. Don't you just love the colors??

One of these guys has the minor tail kink, and the other is perfect as far as I can tell. I plan on feeding them up and evaluating the spinal issues to see if anything pops up or goes away. Yes, spinal kinks can go away, and I will try and keep you all updated as to any progress that I see.

This is the only Mojave that I have hatched out so far. Welcome to the fold, Pastel Super Mojave...

Thank goodness she is a she.

I don't know what happened, but the clutch went bad. Three eggs, this little gem and two normals. I have NO idea what could have happened, other than I used the Pastel Lesser to back up the Pastel Super Mojave.

But this gal is for sure a Super Mojave, and almost positive she is a Pastel. Why, do you ask, do you know for sure, Heather?

Well, the head color, as well as the yellow stripe down the spine that is broken up.

It will be easier to show off when this gal sheds, so we will revisit this soon.

And even though this clutch was laid ONE DAY after the Mojave clutch, which hatched out last week, this guy decided to pip today. And the other two eggs have no interest in pipping...


But more babies to come soon! The poss het mother of this Genetic Stripe clutch did not prove out, so these are all 100% het Genetic Stripes.

Have a fantastic day, my friends.

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