Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's late, and I am no where near a snake

I am in San Francisco right now on business, typing from my laptop.

It is late today, and I have to say, I have not had much time to do anything snakely productive other than talk about the show briefly during a meeting.

But, I did bring my camera, and I did bring something I wanted to share.

I brought this shirt for the Smoj that I will be seeing soon, and since I had one in the duffle, and the camera, I wanted to share.

The SHIRTS ARE HERE, people!

And here is something I am putting out there.

If you show up at the Anahiem show, and stop at my booth, and tell me that you read the blog......

Wait for it......


The only caveat is that I hope you wear it proudly at the show, and any other reptile event you choose to attend.

I am very proud of the way they turned out, and I hope you all like them out there too!

For all of you non-California or non-Anahiem attending blog readers, don't fret... I am actually going to be sending these shirts out to you out there for participation in the blog, to make it more fun with prizes!!

I wanna get Heather's Herps out there to the world, my friends, and hopefully, a logo emblazoned on your chest will help the situation!

I am also developing a few more shirt designs, so if you don't love this one, wait a few more months and I should have another one to share soon.

So there it is, people. I am excited to have these ready for the show... This was one of those things I was intending to do several years ago, and never had the funds or the time to do. This year is the year!

So, have a fantastic day, enjoy your Thursday, and know that the blog is here, with shirts!


rex said...

I think that will fit in the box together with my female albino ;)

Brandi said...

looks good hun! good choice of colour too :D

Puppies in Delaware said...

hmm nice T-shirt

Brandi said...

oh, How much will these shirts be going for?? thanks hun :D

Chris said...

Nice shirt Heather. Hope to buy one from you soon as well as another snakey or 2 :)