Thursday, September 23, 2010

Co-dom Axanthics, eh?

Why yes.

Today is the day of education regarding Red Axanthics.

What is a Red Axanthic, you say?

Well, this is.


It looks pretty black and grey and wierd and cool looking.

Why yes, yes it does.

What is this morph and what does it do?

A Red Axanthic is the Super form of the Het Red Axanthic. The Het Red Axanthic is a basic co-dom animal that is visually not impressive, but has the characteristics of floaty alien heads, flames and blushing on the sides, sometimes with black lines in the alien heads.

We will go over the Het Red Axanthics later on (with pictures).

But this here is a Red Axanthic. This is the Super form, and it does look Axanthic.

The interesting thing about Red Axanthics is that they do brown out into a nice red tone as they age. I don't have any pictures to share as proof, as this guy is the only Red Axanthic I own at this point.

So what does a Red Axanthic (a Super form of a Co-dom) look like next to a Visual Axanthic (recessive morph)?

Well, I thought you might ask, and here I am to help you in your quest for knowledge.

You can see even from this picture, the Red Axanthic has much lighter tones, much browner and less deep.

This holds true for them as adults as well. They turn into a nice auburn tone, while recessive Axanthics stay silver.

Even the head is more "red", right? Indeed, and so named is this particular morph... aka Red Axanthic.

Hope this opened your eyes a bit, got you learning, and answered any questions you may have.

Have a fantastic day, my friends!

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Krystal said...

You have a beautiful Red Axanthic. Mine's a black back, though I'm wondering if I should've gone for the stripe instead. Oh, well. I like him anyway!

I'm hoping he gets redder than he currently is. His father was a nice beige/orange/red color. His sister, a Het Red, is actually tinted a little red herself...and I'm amazed at how different she looks as compared with a normal. They're both insanely huge for their age, despite that I don't feed them any different than my other snakes; in fact, because of their weight, they get fed less!

I just hope that Red Snows get a little pinkish red as they age. :D Got a couple years, though, before I can get started on those!