Thursday, February 3, 2011

Breedings and excitement

(Year of the Rabbit)

Breeding Season always makes me smile, but makes me cringe as well. 

I love showing off my animals, but only when they are clean. Spotless, actually. 

In the breeding season, spotless is not really an option as much. 
It doesn't work well with the "Get it On" scenario. 

So please forgive me for my grossness. 
But hey, there are some cool things to see!

My Spotnose het VPI Axanthic male breeding a Pastel female. She was too big to get into the whole picture, so I focused on him and his determination. He is really very focused. I am shocked that he was ready to breed this season, but he is! I can't wait to see some Spotnose stuff pop out.

Lemonblast male with a Pastel female. I missed out on Superblasts last year, so this year, I'm hoping to get a few on the cue. Should be some nice looking Blasts from this pairing...

Bumblebee male (Spotty McGillicutty) and my Blurry Ball female. I can't wait to see how this pairing ends up. I love Spiders with no spots, and this pairing should help with that.
My Het Albino Poss Het Hypo females being bred to prove out her Het Hypo side with Pee-Oh-Gee, the Pastel Orange Ghost. Lets hope that she proves out this year, that way I can work in a Albino Ghost project somewhere. Let's GO, baby!
Mystic male hiding and possibly trying to get it on with my Monster Mojave female.
I really hope he does, because it would be lovely to have a Mystic Potion in the clan. 
Come on, kiddo. You can do it!

This was a pairing I was debating on doing, but since it seemed like a good idea, I did it. 
Mojave Spider male to my only Pinstripe female that was ready this season. (ACK!)
With only one female of that morph, it was that much more difficult to decide what to do with her. So... Here it is! Mojave Spinners, baby. 

I'm going to back him up with the Pastel Super Mojave. That should work out nicely.

One of my more exciting pairings that I keep showing you. My blurry Spider female with my Firefly male. Here's to Bumble-fires or Fireflys! I am really looking forward to seeing those hatch out, and the gal is glowing, so here we go!

Of course there were other pairings, but no action as of yet. 

I am going to hopefully have a video or two done in the next few days, so keep an eye out on that! 

Have a fantastic day, my friends!


rex said...

Time to save up for those clutches!!

Kyle Frost said...

Blurry Spider is way cool!

Jackie said...

What makes the Blurry blurry? I never understood Blurries.