Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend? What Weekend?

This weekend was spent fixing the snake room some more.

Let me tell you that owning racks that are open and subject to attacks by the food items that escape for a few hours does not allow for much sanity.

I finished revamping the Vision Racks that I have in the room with new heat cable, and everything is 100% hunky-dory now.

It took a lot of man (woman) power to move everything around, get behind things, pull cords off, replace them accordingly and so on.

And let me tell you... For some reason, rats enjoy chewing wires.

Specifically heat cable.

I had no idea... Maybe my cables were coated with sugar or something, but I replaced a good few of them due to chew marks as well as bends that broke thru the cord covers.

Granted, these racks have been in use over the years, and do not have easy access to the general view, but geeze...

I have wired them now so that these issues should not arise anymore, albeit part of the reason it even comes up is due to renegade rodents.

But, I find them eventually.. Or Kona does.

No worries.

So for you out there interested in Vision Rack Systems, know that they are easily manipulated by you and other sources.

Be aware!

Anyway, this weekend was cleaning and fixing weekend, with some other stuff thrown into the mix. We went up to visit some friends up north, as well as did some wedding stuff, so I am rather tired and not ready for the week to begin... But it must.

Later today I will finish cleaning, as well as hopefully do some feedings and photos in the near future.

So with that, I say, be aware! And have a fantastic day, my friends


rex said...

Feed those renegades ASAP!! LOL!

Chris R said...

Rodents sense electricity or something because they always go to cords and wiring first.
Heather, how about a blog regarding owning males vs females of certain morphs, hets, etc. Which morphs do you specifically want females for or males and so on. Thanks, Chris R

Anonymous said...

awesome report... i have been looking at vison racks and was hesitant about them... but its good to her you use them.. what do you use for hatch racks?? rob