Monday, February 14, 2011

Super Pastels and Not-so-Supers

I could have done a video on this, but I didn't really have enough time this weekend to do it, so I did it blog style... Which is not to say that it won't be translated into one later on. 

But this is easier for me to do, so here we go... 

 Let's go over the general rules of Pastels. 

Above, we have one of my Pastel het for Pied gals, but she was the same size as the Supers, so we will go with it. 

First rule: Yellow. 
Second rule: Black.
Third rule: Light head, blushing over the sides. 
NOTE: They do NOT have to have green eyes. Lighter eyes, yes. Green specifically? No. 

Now let us touch on Super Pastels.

This gal is one of my holdbacks from this year as well. 

First rule: EXTRA Yellow.
Second rule: Not so much black, and plenty of blushing.
Third rule: WHITE head. Do you see it in this picture? 
Yes... White to very light grey when babies.

This changes as the animal grows. This is the easy part of identifying Supers and Regulars is when they are hatchlings.

This is another Super. You notice the white head? Yes... Not quite white, but pretty darn close. MUCH brighter yellows, and not so much black, but much more blushing and flames. 

 Now let us approach this from an adult stand point. 

Yes, in general, when babies get bigger, they tend to grow into different colors. They get darker overall, while the whites and blushing in the pattern tend to darken up slightly, making it not as dramatic. 

Note the female on the left. This gal is over a year old, and she is a Super.
She is indeed a Super, and there is no question.

But Heather, you say, this looks NOTHING like that female above! 

Agreed. But remember, this gal has a good 12 months on the other gal. 

Let us go over the rules for an Adult Super. 

First rule: YELLOW, but not so dramatic as when she was a baby. 
Second rule: BLUSHING. Lots of it. You can still see it. It's not as dramatic again, but this is a good indicator. 
Third rule:  Light head, but it is no longer white. It's still light with the star pattern, but not WHITE.

Can you see it?

Let us look at an Adult Pastel. 

You can already see the differences in color. 

She is darker, but still yellow. Less blushing, more black, and the color is a lot less intense in general. 

Note the eyes. Yes, this gal has green ones.
Most pastels do have green ones.

Isn't she pretty?
And yes, her head. 
This photo was taken specifically for the head color.

It is lacking in the star pattern, as well as the lighter colors that we would have seen. It is light, and yes, you will see that this is characteristic of Pastels in general. Lighter heads. 


And here they are next to each other. 
Yes, that is the same Pastel from above, and the same Super Pastel from above her. 

This is the color differentiation you would see from above.

And this is a side view of these gals. You can see more of the yellow in the Pastel this way, and the Super still is very distinguishable from the Pastel.  In this photo, you can see the blushing and black contrast that I have been mentioning. The blushing is very indicative of the Super, while there is some on the Pastel, it is not a lot.

And once more, I have taken head photos. 
Which one is which?

First one is the Super, the other was the Pastel.

 So I hope this helps those of you that are confused, that need some guidance about Super Pastels and regular Pastels. 

 Have a fantastic day, my friends!

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 Have a great one!


Anonymous said...

What are the signs of a lemon pastel?Are they compatable with regular pastel,like..Pastel X Lemon Pastel=????

Heather Wong said...

A Lemon Pastel is a Pastel. There is no specific difference in compatibility, it's just a name of the line.

Jackie said...

That's a NICE pastel het pied you got there!

Is that first super the sister of my pastel? She's got that trademark "Come here, I cut you!" act going on.

ps. Glinda has turned out super sweet. Clearly "just" a pastel--but still very pretty, and very nice. She's one of my top two "good with kids and at parties" animals.