Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I need a muse

Yesterday was a day of reflection, as I have recently become a bit more free in my time. Now, this is not necessarily a problem, as I am changing directions in my professional life anyway, and have enrolled in a class that will take me in the right direction.

The problem really lies in the fact that while all of this is happening, I am not really thinking Snakes.



Well, actually... it is.

There are of course times where things get more important than snakes. Getting married, having your first child, etc...

This is not the case in my situation, but I am having to revamp some things, which takes my mind away from snakes.

So why, Heather, are you sharing this with us?

Well, I need help. I need help getting back on track with what you all out there in blog land want to see from me.

Sometimes I guess, and sometimes I land it straight on. Sometimes I fail and get no comments from anyone for a few weeks.

Yes, breedings are happening, but I just put the males back in last night, so I couldn't use that as a highlighter.

I am still working on some videos, but not sure what topics to cover.

Cleaning and husbandry issues have been covered, but not recently, so I may draw out of that bag to see what I can share.

But, this is why I ask you, my loyal (and not so loyal) blog readers, for your requests. There are some days where my brain is fried and coming up with something is harder than pushing a rock up a mountain.

Be my muse, my friend. Be the person to tell me "Hey, I wanna hear more about THIS!"

Cause hey, I have plenty of time to highlight it.

Have a fantastic day, my friends.


Royal Morphz said...

Heather I would like to hear about you preparations for eggs. I.e. do you drop temps? Do you palpate and how often? When the eggs come how do you remove mom (this could be a great video)? Can you go over you egg box procedure and how it may have changed from the years past, if it has any. I hope I have helped.


Juan said...

Heather, I would like to see more pics of your collection, also i would like to know what daily routines you follow while in your reptile room and definitely more YouTube videos.

cboocks said...

Heather, I'd love to see more of your collection. Maybe you could incorporate a few more videos? I really enjoyed how you branched out with another form of media with your first video. I'd also love to hear about getting ready for eggies. Maybe you could set up a clutch cam or something when the eggs do come and are close to hatching. I know my boyfriend and I watched clutch cams like crazy this past hatching season. (We have no babies of our own coming so it's fun to watch other people's) Lol. I know my idea doesn't relate to "now" but I hope it helps.

Bryan said...

Heather I'd like to hear about where you think the market is going, what things always sell and what you see becoming increasingly popular to work with. If someone was to have say either a $1000 or $5000 to invest in new animals, where would you put it?