Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Late but here!

Today I had a test. Yes, I had a test.

What on?

Well, I'm making a career change, so I am back in school, and I took a test this morning on Anatomy and Physiology.


No, actually, it is very interesting, and honestly a bit refreshing to be able to get back into the intellectual side of things, which is not to say being a Chemist isn't. But, without having to deal with office politics and other things that come with a 8-5 job, it is nice to have a change of pace, and this is absolutely a change from before.

So being a student again, my free time is being taken up by studying about skin, bones, and various tissues.


But this is not to say that I will be shirking the blog often, it just means that the timing may not be exactly at 6AM as it had been.

So, let me tell you what is happening in the snake room.

Relatively little.

Breedings are sparse, animals are somewhat interested, but it's actually been a rather uneventful week in terms of things.

I really do blame it on the weather here in Southern California, which has been a deluge of RANDOM.

We had a rain storm this past weekend, with a week before that of 80 degree weather.

So what does that mean for me here, breeding snakes?

Means that the snakes are not completely sure what the heck is going on... Actually, that may be an over-exaggeration, with a bit of personification thrown into the mix.

So with that being said, I am going to get a few shots of SOMETHING interesting to color up the blog this week. I have really been lacking in photos. I have really just been lacking.

It's a shame, and I apologize.

But I've also been doing that a lot recently too.

But as with life changes, this is the way that we as humans cope, change, and grow.

So grow with me, my friends.

Have a fantastic evening, and know that tomorrow morning, there will be SOMETHING up for you to enjoy.


I promise.


Anonymous said...

applying for vet school in the near future?

Heather Wong said...

Vet school, no. Masters program, yes. I need more!