Monday, February 21, 2011

Heating up

I realize I fell off the map on Friday, and I apologize.

My mother came into town, and that kinda took my mind off of snakes, to the point where I also forgot about the blog.


And yesterday, with some help from some good friends, the snake room is clean, the snakes are accounted for, racks are somewhat rearranged, and I am back to a point of peace in the snake room (for the time being... Oh wait, look, something to clean...).

And while we were cleaning and talking and having a good ole' time, I am pleased to announce that we have had some build-ups to ovulations already!

Here they are...

 This is very similar to last years attempts to take photos of the ovulations, and this is the same difficulty that I was having last year.

Take a look at her mid-area, more towards the vent. 

Can you see the lumpy area? Her stomach is distended. 

These photos portray it a bit better. You can see where the belly area is lifted and fatter than the rest of the body...

That my friends, is an build to an ovulation. A small one, and I either missed the big blow or will see it in a few hours/days, but there it is. 

And of course, this was unexpected, as I hadn't started as early as I usually do... This gal was bred to the Pastel Lesser, and it feels like a good four or five eggs. 

This gal has the same paunch, and she is getting ready to blow. This gal is a possible het TSK Axanthic, and she was bred to the Axanthic het Albino. Come on, baby! Prove out!

And you've heard of the phrase "Glow before they go?" Well, this gal is surely glowing with her boyfriend, the Mystic. Let's hope that she has had enough Mystic to get some babies. I never caught them locked, so I am really just hoping for the best at this point... PLEASE!!!

So yeah, I am off to do a few more things in the snake room, and hopefully get a few more photos of critters to share this week. 
Happy President's Day!!!

Have a great day, my friends.

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Jackie said...

So what are the signs that they're getting ready to ovulate? My pied girl is building, but she's been building for a while... and I can definitely feel follicles now, but I have no idea how big they are. Are there any signs I should be keeping an eye out for?

And when exactly do I need to stop pairing her? I've been rotating her between the black pastel boy and the het pied boy, with emphasis on the black pastel... but will she start rejecting them at a certain point? Is an ovulating female a possible menace to her boyfriends?