Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pewters and Sterlings

Ahh yes, the Pewter. 

Cinnamon Pastel and Pastel all rolled up into one. 

Wait, WHAT?
All this Pastel stuff is giving me a headache, you say. 
How can a Cinnamon also be a Pastel?
Well, before you continue (if you are confused), please read this.

Welcome back.

Yes, Cinnamon x Pastel.

Let us continue.

Pewters are awesome, and Black Pewters (Black Pastel x Pastel) are also awesome. 
But let us focus on the Cinnamon Pewters, as these are the ones in the photos. 

Take a good look at this Pewter. 

You see how it looks?

It's pretty, isn't it?

A nice blushed out back, with lots of beautiful squiggles of yellow and gold, topped off with some nice mauve, copper and taupe tones. 

Fancy, huh?

This is what the beauty of snakes does to me. Gets me all artistic.

 Of course, this lovely creature is fantastic in its own right, but what about if we took a look at a Sterling.

A Sterling being a Pastel Pewter (which is kind of redundant in a way...)

Pastel x Pastel x Cinnamon

That makes more sense. 


This guy grew up SILVER, even in adulthood. I'm sure he was even more strikingly silver as a baby, but compared to a regular pewter, these colors are unmistakably different! 
Let us attempt to artistically describe this guy.

A completely striped back of silver tone, complimented by bright yellow sides with additional blushing, and squiggles that are a nice blond if you will. The silver shades are complimented by some darker shades of grey.


And of course, all of this to say what, Heather?

Pastels do great things... 

Super Pastels make things more interesting to say the least. 

From the base morph into the combinations, Pastels are awesome. 
Can you imagine what else can be done with other base morphs that haven't been out as long as Pastels have been?


The possibilities!!

I get giddy just thinking about it, my friends. 
I really do. 

And I hope you do too. 

Have a FANTASTIC day, my friends!


rex said...

H makes awesome pewters! I'm a proud owner of one of her pewter babies!

cboocks said...

I want one of your pewters. Gorgeous!!!