Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What makes a Blurry a Blurry?

Ah yes...

The Blurry.

I like to call it a Velvet as well.

Either way, it is a cool snake, one of my favorite not-particularly proven but still out there"morphs."

Now, why is it Blurry?

Well, here are a few photos of my gal to show you. She is a CH female I picked out back in the day, and there was a reason for it!

Blurries are defined by a few specific things.

-No Alien Heads-
-White Outlines around the pattern-
-Golden color with deep black contrast-

Now, I have seen Blurries/Velvets with some granite-y speckles, as well as a few spots here and there within the pattern, but this female is my ideal blurry, which is why she is in my collection.

This "morph" is a dinker. A Dinker is a "morph" that has yet to be proven out to be genetic, and although I have been working with this female for a while, I have yet to make something genetically Blurry.

And yes, the word Morph was in parenthesis because technically, in my own definition, it cannot be considered a Morph until it is proven genetic. Yes, this is my own definition, and I realize that there are plenty of people that may disagree.

Now I've been working with this line for a while, I have yet to breed animals together from this female back to each other. I kept several females from her clutches, and I am trying to decide what to do specifically to make something new. I have a "Het" blurry spider female that I produced, and I have her mother. I am attempting to breed this female to something Pastel and see if I can produce a Blurry Colorful something, but so far no luck.

We shall see. Plus, I know there are other people out there that are working with this particular dinker, so I'm pretty sure we will see some type of resolution out of this eventually.

So there you go.

I like them...

What about you?

Have a fantastic day, my friends!


rex said...

Nice dinker H! Hope you prove her out!

Jackie said...

I was trying to figure out what made them "blurry", but in those photos I can kind of see it. Anyway, I keep trying to refocus my eyes on her.

I hope the "het" blurry spiders prove. I know you wanted some tarantulas!