Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Super Pastels? Yes!

 This was supposed to end out the week last week, and I didn't get to it, so here we are. 

Above, we have a Super Pewter (Super Pastel Super Cinnamon), my only gal, and a Super Pastel!

Below, we have a Silver Bullet, a Pastel Super Cinnamon. 

With these animals, I have to say that it is very obvious that there is a bit extra going on in the Super Pastel section of the combination.

As you can see above, the Super Pewter is SILVER. Very silver. 
And the Silver Bullet is more of a mottled darker grey. 

These animals are only a few months apart in age, so the color difference is striking without involving age difference.

With just adding another pastel element to this morph, it brings the color to a whole other level.

I have to say, it is very obvious, although given a year or so, we will revisit these critters to see what the heck they look like and if they have such a striking difference in color then. 

So again, what to take from this?

Super Pewters and Silver Bullets are awesome. 
Also, if you want a brightening element to a morph, Super Pastel-ling it would be a good idea. 

Of course, as we touched on before, other highlighter morphs are also worthwhile to integrate, such as Fires, Vanillas, etc...

But Pastels, being a base morph that is easily accessible, I suggest starting there for those who are beginning out.

Pastels make most things awesome. 
Super Pastels make most things even more awesome.

How can you go wrong?

Have a great day, my friends!

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