Thursday, February 17, 2011


I'm taking a break from Pastels for today because I realize I am being somewhat descriminatory.

I am not sharing anything other than Pastels with you guys.

Now, this is not to say that Pastels are my favorite morph.

To be honest with you all out there, I don't even really know what my favorite morph is....

So the question really is, what is your favorite?

Out there in internet blog reading land, I need to know, what is your favorite base morph?

I am only doing Pastels at this moment because I have a bunch of combinations with them, and I think they do great things for a lot of things. I want to branch out. I know I've touched on dark morphs, and pattern morphs, but I feel like I keep rounding about the same things.

What do you want to see?

As I have been preaching all week, and also in the YouTube video, Pastels are fantastic, but I know there are people out there that don't particularly like them. Most people have them, so people want to know about them, and I do intend to continue with my Pastel/Super Pastel teachings for tomorrow with one more pair.

As a breeder, I find I have wandering tastes... Some days I heart my darker morphs, and other days I can't take my eyes off of the patternless white things.

This, as I have shared before, makes life a bit harder to deal with when breeding season comes along, as I have NO set wants for what to produce, cause everything is pretty damned cool.

So yes, I am open-minded. To a fault, some days...

But that is alright. The snakes still breed, things still hatch out, life is still a fantastic thing to enjoy.

And Pastels still rock.

But so do most all morphs!

So again, we come full-circle. I am conflicted because I don't want to ignore those little morphies in my collection that I forget people want to see, and I keep going to what I know people can appreciate.

So you tell me, friends...


Have a fantastic day, my friends!


Krystal said...

Well, my favorite base morph is the Axanthic, bar none. I have a think for black and white (and silver), so my favorite morphs follow this trend.

My favorite combo morphs are Leucistics (bright white, patternless ones--not a big fan of Super Mojaves) and Axanthic combos like Lightning Pieds and my overall most favorite morph--the morph that got me into breeding: the Axanthic Killer Bee.

Nothin' wrong with color, of course! Other morphs out there are astoundingly beautiful. But give me a gorgeous little silver any day!

Travis said...

I would have to say my favorite base morph would be champagnes. I think they look better as a single gene morph rather then mixed with other morphs, except for the pastel calico champagne.
My favorite project in the works for me is mystic potions.

Bryan said...

The BEL line of snakes (Lessers, Butters, and Mojaves) make most anything awesome. However, my heart will always lie with dinkers as a great base. Even normal dinkers have done a lot for other morphs, like Brian Grundy's gold blush mojave line. It's the critters that make you go, "well now, THAT'S something interesting" that make it all worth it for me.

Jackie said...



(I kinda like lavender albinos and albinos, too. I guess.)

Jackie said...

And I like dark morphs. I know you feel they are under-represented and under-appreciated, so if you want an excuse to feature them, here it is.