Friday, September 9, 2011


After a show, there is always chaos, and I have had not enough time to delve into it completely.

I am admitting that the available page is not up to date, the snakes are not organizing, and there is a bunch to still do.


And of course, I am working on a few other life things right now, so it's rather hard to shove organizing anything into that time.

Oh well.

Hopefully this weekend I will have time to get things done, as well as get those sexing pics less blurry.

Fingers crossed for some good shots... cause last time I got complaints.

And to get my available page up to date would be great, since I am referencing it with customers that can't see photos. It is a chore in itself to get pictures and things updated... Some people forget that. I don't, cause I am reminded of it every time I look and think that the page is not right. Cause it's not.

I need a clone.

Anyway, I hope to get down to business during the weekend (Sunday night) to get things finally solidified.

AND... Joel and I are trying to plan out vending at Sacramento for my Birthday.
Crossing fingers that it works out.

October 29th and 30th... Should be a good time.

Anyway, I'm off to study.

Have a great weekend, my friends! Mine will be full of Chemistry.


Jackie said...

I'm sorry! I just wanted to give you something to talk about, and sure I'd like to see the pics, but I didn't mean to add to the overwhelming pile of overwhelmingness!

Heather Wong said...

LOL Jackie, it's not your fault at all! I'm just sorry I can't get it up quicker! Please keep giving me stuff to talk about. On days where my brain is fried and I can't think of something, it is a welcome respite :)

Jackie said...

I did get them probed by two different vets, so it's not urgent. (2.2 66% poss hets, 1.0 lavender) But I'm still having difficulty reproducing the vets' results on the boys...

Bryan said...

It was nice seeing you at the show Sunday and I'm excited you're coming here for the show. I'll be vending as well, it's gonna be fun! And since it'll be your birthday time I'll buy you a drink.