Friday, September 23, 2011


I finally got it kinda sorta done, folks.

I have updated my available page with everything I can think of that I have that I am ready to sell.


Things are shedding and other things are going to be hatching, and I have some animals in the holdback rack that more than likely could be sold if I wanted to put it up... BUT!!!!

For now, I have most all of it done.

And it feels great.

I have to say, it is a huge undertaking to update a list that is constantly changing, with photos of constantly growing animals and things that you may or may not want to sell looming on the list...

THAT, my friends, is my biggest problem.

But, with four pages of availability, I think I'm safe for right now.

My holdbacks are in the rack, growing and eating and pooping and stuff, like they should. I should go and stare at them more often, and maybe then I will be less inclined to go out and buy another something for the collection.

Tunnel vision...

And of course, like most collectors and addicts, I can always come up with good reasons to keep awesome animals..  Like this female above. She is awesome. Beyond awesome... Like, I wouldn't mind keeping her awesome... But... I don't need to.

And Joel tends to remind me of that.

I already bought another few hatchling racks to put up, even though I'm not sure where they are going to go...

It's a fun time, but I have to say, I am very satisfied with myself for accomplishing something that has eluded me this past month, and has prevented many a customer from seeing information and photos clearly. (The information part I have to go back and edit, but... bear with me)

So we go into the weekend completed (mostly).

And things are looking good.

So have a great weekend, my friends. Enjoy it! Be satisfied!

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