Thursday, September 8, 2011

Clutch 39 and Mojave Combos (again)

Welcome to the world, Clutch 39! There are five eggs from my Special female to a Mystery male. This should be a fun clutch! I just need it to hatch without any problems... Fingers crossed!

And although I am trying to compile some photos for the sexing blog, I'm not quite there yet, so here are some pictures of a new pick-up and comparision.

Welcome to the fold, Jigsaw!

I really love Pinstripes with a solid stripe, and this gal has it all going on! Jigsaws are Mojave Pinstripes, and this girl has an extra genetic bonus of being Het Hypo as well.

She should be a great addition to the group.

And of course, I had to do my famous comparison photos...

Mojave Spider against the Mojave Pinstripe.. The colors are similar, but there is more yellow in the Spider combo than the Pinstripe combo. It's interesting to see the change within a genetic combination by changing pattern. I love pictures like this, and I hope you do too!


I managed to pick up another critter at Anahiem, a long awaited addition, but it is in shed, so we will have to wait for the unveil until after it sheds.

So tomorrows blog should be the sexing blog, and hopefully a few other things will be covered as well. 
Have a great day, my friends!

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