Friday, September 2, 2011

Getting Ready for NARBC


Here we are, a day before NARBC Anahiem and I am getting things prepped.

My acrylics are down and getting cleaned, the show box is being checked and restocked, and supplies have been purchased and packed.

Shows are a difficult time for most, because it takes a lot of effort and time to get things just right.

I have to premake all of my paperwork for the Het animals not only for the customers, but for myself so that I can remember who is who if there is any mix up.

I am gearing up with my crew to get things 100% sparkling and ready to go for Saturday morning.

And cupping up all of those critters? Yeah... that is an endeavor on its own.

But it is always a good time, always fun to meet new people, and although I will not be there the entire time (only on Sunday), I will be overjoyed to meet anyone who stops by to say Hi.

So if you are in town, please stop by my booth. Take a picture, enjoy the sites, maybe even pick up a snake.

Look for either of these fine people and say Hi!

We look forward to meeting you and/or seeing you again!

Bring it on, Weekend!

Have a great one, my friends.

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