Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sterling Mojave clutch

Well, the Sterling Mojave clutch has shed out (mostly), and I felt the need to take some pictures. 

Here we have the only Cinnamons in the clutch, the two Sterling Mojaves and the Cinnamon Mojave.

I really like the Cinnamon Mojave, and when the Black Pastel Mojave sheds out (which is taking a while), I will do a comparison blog.

But until then, I will just share the individual photos. It will be really interesting to see the differences in color change and age for these guys, and I can't wait to put them in the rotation! So many possibilities...

Anyway, the first thing I noticed about the Sterling Mojaves and the Cinnamon Mojave was a difference in eye color.

Sterling Mojaves have silver eyes.. Not blue, but silver. The Mojave Cinnamon has brown eyes. It was very interesting to see! (And now you can see too!)

Honestly, I can't wait to see how these critters grow into their colors. Sterlings tend to be very light as babies, but develop some amazing yellows over a year. I anticipate this being the case for these guys as well.

I have been debating about keeping the male. I'm still not sure, so we shall see.

In the next few days, there should be some Lessers and Pastels and Pastel Lessers hatching out. The Caramel Clutch went mostly bad, with 1.1 Hets surviving...

The clutch hatching is slowing down, so this should be optimum time for questions, as well as planning for next season blogs.

ARGH! I'm not ready for that yet... But Fall is here, and its time to think about it.

Let me get thru a few more weeks first.

Have a great day, my friends!

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