Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pinstripe and Lemonblast het Red

Well, the Lemonblast to Het Red clutch hatched, and I have to say, it's really easy to tell when you have a Pastel het Red or a Lemonblast het Red. They are just a duller yellow, muted even, with a tinge of red brown.

I managed to hatch a Pastel het Red and a Lemonblast het Red, both males.

Here we have the Lemonblast het Red Male, and I really like what he looks like! Do I need a male though? I'm not sure yet...

And above, we have what I think is a Pinstripe Het Red with the Lemonblast het Red. It has an interesting tinge to it, and I think it will be more obvious when it sheds.

Here are ALL of the Pinstripes, Het Red or not. 3.1 of them, to be exact. This clutch was a particular sausage fest...

The one I believe is a Pin het Red is on the far right. The rest... I'm not sure.

All I can say is is that they are really fun to look at. 

What do you guys think?

From left to right, numbered one to four... Which are also Het Reds?

I'm going to reserve judgement for sure until they shed, but until then... Share your thoughts!

Have a great day, my friends!

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