Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crystal Special Mojave Complex


All of the Special/Crystal/Mojave/Normals out of the last Crystal clutch have shed out, and I want to do another "How can you tell what it is" Blog.

So here we go!

In this photo, we have a Mojave, a Special, a Normal, and in front, the Crystal. 

Most people have a very hard time identifying a Special from a Normal.
The difference, at least with the Baker line that I am working with, is the color. 

They are BRIGHT.

Similar to that of a Vanilla or Fire coloration. 

I do not have a Vanilla to share with you to compare the colors, but it is the most similar morph to a Special that would hatch coloration wise as a baby.

Yes, it is easy-ish to tell what is normal and what isn't when you have comparisons.

Below, we have What plus What equals What!
Special in the back left, Mojave in the back right, and Crystal all washed out in the front.

Notice that the Special and the Mojave have the same color tones. Yellow and bright are the characteristics here.
And below, we have an older Crystal that is developing the nice orange and violet tones that they tend to get over time. 

I am falling in love with this girl, and I'm not sure what I should do about it.

(Shhhhh... Don't tell Joel)

Anyway, I hope the photos and visuals help more in what I know is a complicated identification for most.

I will have these kids at Anahiem, and if you are there and I am there, we can discuss it more in depth. Come on out and join the fun at the largest California Reptile Show of the year!!

Have a fantastic day, my friends, and of course, if you have any questions, ask away!!!

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