Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Het Paperwork

Well, this weekend was a good time at Anaheim! I wasn't there on Saturday, but Sunday was slow but steady. Joel and I enjoyed meeting everyone who stopped by to say Hello, and the weekend was a successful endeavor.

Don't I look super excited???

But of course, while I wasn't there in person, I had done a lot of things behind the scenes to make sure things were flowing smoothly.

One of those things was Het Paperwork.

Some breeders do not provide it.

I like to, not only for the customer to know that I fully support my creatures and am willing to back them up, but also for records.

At a show, people bring lots of animals. I myself brought something like 80. And with those 80 animals, some of them look VERY similar, yet carry genetics that may be important, aka Heterozygous for a certain recessive trait.

So I spend several hours before the show taking photos of each and every het that I have produced, and print out a paper with the information regarding that particular animal.


 Because again, it is mainly for the customer, but also for myself so that if happenstance occurs and something gets mixed up, there is a record of the animal in photographs that will allow me to identify the creature as what it is really.

It's a glorious thing, that paperwork is. It has saved me several times.

But it is a complete pain in the patootie to do.

How do I do it?

Well, I begin with a photograph of the animal, stretched out if possible so that the pattern is visible.

Then, below that, the title of the animal, including year of birth, the creatures entire genetic background, and the date of birth, if necessary.

Then, I list the Dame and the Sire, and something along the lines of:

"This paperwork confirms that the above pictured animal is a XXX (the morph of the creature) sired from a YYY and a ZZZ, and was produced by Heather Wong of Heather's Herps."

Sign and date the paper and KABLAMO!!!

It's a done deal.

Het paperwork is only as good as the breeder backing it up, however, so make sure to be aware of the guarantees that are being offered.

So there you go, my friends.

I hope that helps some of you out there on the quest to formulate your own paperwork.

Have a great day!

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