Tuesday, September 20, 2011

~New Males~

Well, there were a few males I have picked up over the last couple months, and this guy finally decided to shed out and be presentable for photos.

This is my new TSK Snow male.

Yes, I know that he looks like a faded Albino, but he is a Snow. Apparently Snows tend to get lighter as they age.

This guy is a year old, and he is going to get better with age.. Like Wine!

I can't wait to use him!

I know he isn't the nicest All White snake in the world, but I honestly think for a double recessive, he is pretty kick ass.

How can you be upset at an Albino Axanthic, right?

And you can't expect something like that to be solid white.

You know what he reminds me of?

Jelly Belly Popcorn Jellybeans.

They are super gross tasting, but the colors are very similar. 

Maybe I will call him Jellybelly.


I have a few more males to share, but time will have to allow for it.

Until then, I gotta update the available page, the collection page, and a whole bunch of other stuff.


Have a great day, my friends!


Jackie said...

Actually, I really like the heavily patterned and colored "all white" snakes better. If I really wanted a white snake with red eyes, I'd be going for blizzard project... but the snows have kind of an iridescent look to them.

Anonymous said...

out of curiosity what is your quarantine protocol? 30 days? 90 days? i know so many people trying to jump the gun and buy breeder males or older animals to breed but that is such a huge risk to their collection. have a post about your quarantine and biosecurity! it's scary hearing about those diseases we can't see like paramyxovirus or ibd and others spreading from collection to collection especially all the cross country shipping and overseas industry now, different snakes can be carriers but not shows symptoms for weeks or months. http://www.anapsid.org/deanne.html