Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shades of Spider and Fire

I have been coming home late, but trying not to shirk on the need to take some awesome photos to share on the blog. Today is no exception. I decided to compare some Spiders for everyone, in different flavors to get a general idea of how things work with some of the more subtle morph combinations.

Above, we have a Spider Fire and an Enchi Spider. Both morphs of Fire and Enchi are subtle in their own way, and when combined with a Spider, they get much more so. When I hatched out my Enchi Fires, I wasn't 100% sure they were Enchi Fires until they shed. They have a gorgeous undertone of gold and orange, and a very cool pattern to boot.

Fire Spiders are just melty. Yes... Melty. Fires tend to be melty on their own, smokey in a way. You can see that the color is granulated, blends together, and is much lighter than that of a normal spider.
I really like what Fires do to things, and Spiders are no exception.

Now below, to the left we have the Mojave Spider. Mojaves aren't particularly subtle on their own, but when blended with a Spider, it takes its own form. Spider Mojaves more often than not are SPOTTY. Mojaves have that pattern, and it carries over into the combination. The overall color tone is muted greens, purples and golds, again that of the Mojave. A very cool morph, and a very cool combination.

So all of these photos and color descriptions to what end, Heather?

To assure you that Spiders are awesome, colors are fun, and there are tons of things to be done with Spider combinations in the future.

And Fires?

Well, Fires are awesome. They are one of my favorite "hypo" lightening up morphs for all that they can do, and here are two sisters that just shed out for me.

The Firefly female and the Fire female are looking amazing. They are the best I have hatched out so far in terms of Fires. Look at them glow!
You can tell they are related, based on the blushing and flames on the back and sides.
Seriously.. Fires are amazing.

I'm done sharing these photos for now. More photos tomorrow, hopefully of penes and lack thereof. Gotta make sure Joel gets home in time for me to remember to nag him. HAH!

Have a great day, my friends!

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