Monday, September 24, 2012


After a nice, somewhat relaxing weekend, I am back with a vengeance.

I managed to actually go out of my way and take some photos that are worth sharing, which is saying a lot, because recently I've been just taking pictures of animals that people are interested in seeing/buying.

Actually, I did take these photos for people who are interested in buying, but since they are so pretty, I'm going to share with you as well!

Here we have the Fire/Sulfur Crystal.

He is growing into his colors very nicely, and although his head pattern and coloration doesn't leave much to determine what is going on genetically other than Fire, I still have somewhat of a sneaking suspicion that this guy may prove out to be Pastel as well.

Crystals tend to be very yellow, and age into their colors. This guy will be no exception.. 

And my favorite not sure if I'm going to keep her, but probably not, female so far...

The Cinnamon Enchi. 

I absolutely adore her colors.

But since I have her sister the Pewter Enchi, which I don't adore as much as I do her, it's a toss up. Pretty is good, and I like looking at things that are pretty, but space is an issue...

Not sure on this one.

So as I go ponder this, have a great day, my friends.


Anonymous said...

can u post some other special combos? its a really underrated gene! has it been proven to produce crystals when bred to ALL the bel complex animals? (i know mojave and lessers produce crystals) i know the special x mystic is an awesome animal

Heather Wong said...

I will go into it on Weds. Thanks for your request!