Friday, September 7, 2012

Relief, and yet....

So the next clutches are hatching, and so far, at least the heads all look good!

No eye problems, no missing jaw sections, no kinked necks.

The problem is really that I can only see heads.

But this is a good sign!

The next clutch due out is the Pastel Super Mojave to Lemonblast, and a Jigsaw has its head out, as well as a Super Pastel Mojave (so it looks like).

All clear so far.

I admit, I looked very very closely.

I poked noses to make sure they responded.

And we have the all clear!

Also, my Pastel Genetic Stripe to Het Genetic Stripe clutch is hatching. They are all good as well, but unfortunately for me, I didn't hit on any Stripes! Three HUGE eggs, and all not Stripey...

Sadness a bit, but there is a bright Pastel het in there that is pretty sweet looking.

So I am relieved, and yet still a bit dissapointed.

But such is life, right?

I am actually off tonight to go to Vegas and play.

I may stop by the Vegas Reptile Show this weekend as well, so if you are there, stop me and say Hi!

See you all on the flipside, my friends.

Have a great weekend!

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