Thursday, September 6, 2012


I am having a moment with bugs..

I have some how accumulated some small spiders, fungus gnats and some flies in the room flitting around.

Of course, this is typical of working with animals, and not keeping things spotless, which is not possible for me, and most of the world.

High humidity and temperatures seem to make things more appealing to the insects, so of course, during the summer months, they have multiplied like crazy.

There aren't huge swarms, so to speak, but they are annoyingly present, as I don't like bugs in my presence for the most part to begin with.

Flies are incredibly annoying. They somehow get into the room and flit around loudly buzzing near my ears.

Fungus gnats just are tiny little bugs that seem to get around everywhere. They are easily ignored, but still annoying.
The spiders eat the gnats in their webs, and things get busy, as little black dots accumulate pretty easily.

So of course, I go thru with the vacuum and clean often. It's just a little unnerving to see all of this bug activity, but it is par for the course.

But the flies are the worst.


I manage to catch them often enough, but those suckers are crafty. And they are too big sometimes to get caught in the webs of the smaller spiders.

And do recall that I am somewhat Arachnaphobic, so I don't enjoy being put upon by a little spider who decides to come down to hang out from the ceiling.

Yes, I did have a moment yesterday involving chasing down Flies, and getting involved with a spider or two in the room...

So therefore, the blog discussion.

I am not against these critters, per se. I just would like to be not bothered by them as much.

Off I go to get some extra cleaning supplies and fly tape.

I will win this battle.

And the war.

Have an excellent day, my friends.


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