Thursday, September 13, 2012

Holdbacks that aren't

I am a difficult person when it comes to making decisions about Ball Pythons... and by that I mean that I tend to flip flop, and regret decisions after they are made.

This is most prevalent in my holdbacks...

I hold back more than I need just to satisfy my own personal justification that this animal or that animal is amazing and awesome and could do wonders to my collection.

The problem with that is that there is a limit to what I can hold back, and to what I can handle in terms of numbers.

I do this by myself for the most part, and I have established that my animal limit is around 300 animals or so.

Every year, however, that number increases due to new generations of snakelings, and I am somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer amount of awesomeness (and work) that increased numbers entail.

And by awesomeness, I mean things to hold back as well...

So add another 25-50 awesome animals to the already full numbers that I have, and things get a bit complicated.

Take the Male TSK Snow I hatched out this year. He is not up on the available page because I am on the fence about selling him. Why??? Cause I don't have a Male Snow.

BUT.... I am still working towards my goal of making the Spider Snow, and this Snow I just hatched will help, but I still have a breeder Axanthic het Albino male as well. Snowman won't be able to help in the breeding sector for at least another year...

So is it really worth it to keep him as well as the Axanthic? Would you keep the Axanthic, or just keep the Snow and wait the project out for a year while you are growing him up?

These are the things that go thru my head as I stare at animals that are in the baby rack.

Is it worth it to me to hold back this animal and let it grow for several years, or should I just allow someone the luxury of having it in their collection?

Sometimes, like the Snow example, it is complicated.

Females are a bit easier, as you can never have enough female things, but then again, there is a limit.

So I will go thru my holdbacks and re-evaluate one more time, especially considering the NARBC Anahiem show is this weekend. What I finally decide to let go from my clutches will be on the table, and later on the website.

Here's to being able to let go...

Have a great day, my friends.

1 comment:

Jackie said...

Gosh, I'd keep him. How many 4 gene animals do you have?

But, okay, I'm starting to hit this problem. I have a big fat BEAUTIFUL CH ghost girl that I'm seriously thinking I should just let grow another year, because double hets means holdbacks, and GAH.