Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Freak out

So the other baby with bug eyes hatched out, with a bit less kinkage, but still bad.

Two babies out of five eggs kinked. One animal dead in the egg, and one still in the egg... not looking good.

So of course, as one would expect, I am slightly freaking out.

There are some very valuable clutches in my incubator, and if this is an incubator issue, I am screwed.

I have another clutch that is due in the next few days, and I am crossing all of my crossables that there is nothing wrong, and that this was just a fluke in this clutch only.

Why am I freaking out?

Cause that is what I tend to do...

I like to preach patience and understanding, and when I post it, I am also speaking to myself.

It is very unnerving to have such problems.

And I find it helpful to be reassured, as I'm sure many of you out there do too.

So here we wait, semi-patiently, to see if this is a consistent thing, or a fluke.

Fingers crossed for fluke...

Have a relaxing reassuring day, my friends.