Thursday, January 14, 2010

Breeding and deciding...

So I have a few breedings that are happening, but things are still slow over here. The season is going to be late.

I have a few locks, but more males just sitting there than anything.

Here in So Cal, the cold isn't really cold enough.

There are males that are trying, but females not really having it.

Here is my Pied and one of the last poss hets I need to prove out.

And Carmine, who is attempting with a poss het as well. He is a Bell Line Caramel, and yes, he is stunning!

I can't wait to see some baby caramels popping out. That should be a lot of fun!

And the actual only one that was locked when I was taking pictures, my beloved Gee. He is working his magic on a poss het that didn't prove last year. We'll try again this year, and see if there is some Het in "that thar female". (Yes, the female can be a het or she can't be... there is no "Some Het". It was a joke. HAHAHAH! Heather made a funny!)

And what is this about deciding? Well, this Cinnamon female was going to get a break this year, as she is the mother of Lucky of 09', but she has recovered well and I was considering putting her in with someone.

The real problem is... WHAT MALE to put her with?

I can absolutely just not use her, but I am getting worked up about what I COULD do, so... You guys can help me out here.

So I am crossing my fingers for more cold weather for more locks, as there should be a storm coming in this weekend. Lets see what happens!

These boys need to get in gear! I'm getting anxious...

Have a great day, my friends.


Krystal said...

Hmmm...possible males for the Cinny....

You made a silver last year, so how about a black one this year (Black Pastel or Sable)? Then there's always the good ol' standbys: Spider or Pin.

A couple recessives that might be neat are Ghost, G-Stripe, or Caramel Albino. (I think a Black Pastel G-Stripe would look better than a Cinny, but that's just me.) If I were to pick one of these, though, I'd go for the Caramel Albino. :D

kyleh said...

how about pewter ybs eventually pewter ss's or pastel super mojave to make pewter mojaves

Anonymous said...

how about throwning your fire or firefly in with the cinny :-)

Jackie M. said...

Wow, Gee got bigger! Last year he was such a wee thing next to his ladies...