Monday, January 4, 2010

Well, Here we go!

It's 2010, and it WILL be a good year.

We had a great time ringing in the New Year, and now, a few days in but back to the grind, I have to say, I am very optimistic.

Granted, the whole house, including the Fuzz children, are sick with Colds, but these are the things that make life interesting! Challenges are just the spice of life.

So with lungs of phlegm and Fuzzes of sick, we continue on our course of 2010.

Speaking of challenges, the Pastel Super Mojave is still yet to be seen breeding. Challenge? Absolutely. I am starting to get antsy, but I am trying to stay calm. This guy has so much potential, and I need him to work into this years rotations. I'm counting on him!!! He's eating well and producing plugs, but... I have yet to see any action. Maybe I need to keep my eye out more often with this one. Lets just hope that I see something soon.

And of course, my Axanthic is doing fine. This is the 09' TSK Axanthic het Albino female I hatched out, and she is doing great! Now, I just need her mother to get back into gear so that she can make me my SNOW!

Crossing fingers and making it happen..

And my only Woma, she doesn't get enough spotlight, but today is one of those days!
I really enjoy having her, and I am completely unsure of what I plan on doing with her. Give me a year or so, and I'll know more, I think. If only she would participate more with the face photos... Oh well. More incentive to take more pics of her, right???

Anyway, I am off to attempt to get better, and I hope that you all are healthy and doing well.

Have a fantastic week, my friends. Happy first week of 2010!

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