Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pairings of the week

Well, I finally got a few pictures of the pairings I have. Problem is, no one is really LOCKED.

Kinda irritating that I can't catch a lock, persay.

But here it is...

Pastel in shed with Gee, the G-stripe. Hoping for lots of Pastel het Genetic Stripes...

Pastel not in shed with my studly Pied male. Hoping for lots of Pastel het Pieds...

And lastly but not leastly, Carmine the Caramel with one of my Hypo females. Hoping for lots of double het Caramel Ghosts.

You notice I'm doing lots of recessive pairings this week.

Why, yes!


Well, I really want to get my recessive projects in order, and this is a great way to get some females ready sooner rather than later. Hopefully there will be enough females in the clutches, but we'll just have to see.

This is not to say that I'm not doing my co-dom stuff, but right now, the pairings are sparse.

Sterling x Pewter
Pastel Super Mojave x Mojave
Lemon Blast x Spider
Pastel Yellowbelly x Yellowbelly
Axanthic het Albino x Het Albino
Pastel Orange Ghost x Black Pastel
Pastel Lesser x Normal
Bumblebee x Normal
Enchi x Pastel

So we shall see...

I'm hoping that the pairings come to fruition soon. Locks would be nice to see!

So cross your fingers for me, and have a fantastic day!

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Krystal said...

Good luck! I hope everyone locks and you have good snake karma with the offspring!