Friday, January 29, 2010

Dark and Delicious

There are some people that don't like the dark morphs, and thats okay.

I'm not one of them.

I have a special place in my heart for those dark morphs, the ones that make the pattern deeper and richer, and the ones that make things darker and even black.

The most overlooked dark morph is the Sable. I think they are just an absolutely untapped morph, and they can and will do some awesome things in combos.

They don't look like much in terms of the WOW factor, but I really think in subtle terms, they are a great morph. Lots of black and mottled pattern. I like them!

And then there are the Black Pastels. Some of them are outstandingly black and have an amazing black pattern in their patterns! But there are others that are rather drab. The beautiful chocolate heads make them stand out, and so does the pattern. But again, some people don't like them as they are darker and only make darker snakes...

Just like the Cinnamon, which is almost equivalent to the Black Pastel, but with more subtle pattern and coloration. Brighter chocolate tones overall, lighter sides, but has the same chocolate head. They can do great things, such as the Pewter, the Super Cinnamon, and many other things!!! Great combinations to be made...

Het Reds are also awesome, very subtle and not too pizazzy, but can make some awesome combinations!

Take two not so snazzy animals and combine them together, and you get something like THIS!

How can you be mad at that?

Have a fantastic weekend, my friends!

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