Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snakes and Incubators

Well, its time for the season of getting ready for eggs, if you don't have them already (which I don't).

So you're out there wondering what to do, let me assist you in your decision.

Over the years, I have used several incubators, but only a few have made the list of what I would use no matter what, and those that didn't will get on the list of not worth buying.


Hovabators - Why? Cause they are cheap and tend to fluctuate really badly from hot to cold. They can and do work if you have the right tools, but out of the box, they just don't work well.

Anything over $500 that holds less than 10 clutches - Why? Cause that is waaaay too expensive! Granted, if you have the money, feel free to do it, but wouldn't you rather use the money for new snakes?

WHAT TO BUY (Depending on your need):

Natures Spirit Incubators - Why? They can hold 6-8 clutches of 6qt tubs, and they are really very solid in terms of what they are made of, as well as keeping the temps. You may need to put water bottles in to keep the temps even, but that depends on where you live and the external environment.

Big Apple Herp Incubators- Why? I use two of these, and I can incubate 12 clutches of 6qt tubs each. Most people use these before they move into a room incubator or something along those lines. That is my plan.. They are constant in temps, very well built, and can withstand some damage (aka falling things in the garage). These are my favorite incubators that I own. They are on the expensive side, but they are worth it, and if you can (as I did), buy them used!

OR, you can totally build your own.

I am not the builder in any way shape or form, so I suggest doing some research before jumping into such an endeavour. It can be worth it, but I personally don't trust myself.

So, I hope this helps!

Closer to the time when I pull them out to plug them in, I will take more pics and more details will follow.

I love Mojaves! This is my Mojave het Hypo. One more year, and I am going to plug her into the POG or maybe a Humblebee if I can hatch one. Oh the possibilities!

Enchis, one year later and this years hatch. They do change a bit, don't they? How cool are they? I really think they are a great morph to own. Everyone should have one. I can't wait to have my harem up to size to encorporate into the males. Yeehaw!

And my Woma... She makes me smile. I really do like this morph, and I can't wait to see what she turns out to be in a few years. Here's to hoping!

Have a great day, my friends.


Jackie M. said...

Awesome! Thank you!

Krystal said...

Thanks for the info on incubators! I'll have to look into those...though, I'll probably end up building my own. It's hard to know

My plan for an incubator is to mold it out of Sintra (the stuff the Boaphile uses), line it with styrofoam insulation, and have the top be the "door" made of clear acrylic, sealed with weatherstripping. I'd use 11" Flexwatt for heating (hooked up to a Herpstat) with water bottles for temperature regulation. I'll probably also mount some CPU fans for air circulation, though I'm not sure how I'll do that just yet. It should be able to hold 10 6-qt tubs or 6 15-qt tubs (for bigger clutches).

Do you have any suggestions, or does this actually sound halfway decent? ;-]

Krystal said...

Oops, just realized I didn't finish a sentence, there. No idea what I was going to say, so feel free to ignore it. Hee hee.

Jackie M. said...

Hey Heather, what line of caramels are you working with?

Your male caramel is GORGEOUS.