Friday, January 15, 2010

My Fuzzes and a Special moment

Well, as you well know, we have two dogs now, and both of them are my mascots for the snake room. Regal and Kona are my babies, and my fuzz pets.

Kona LOVES it in there, to the point where she will cry if I am in there with the door closed.

Regal has never been super intrigued about the snake room, but he will come in and hang out with me occasionally. He doesn't care much about it either way, as long as we are together.

And of course, we cannot forget Marty Cohen...

And Flamey

With every other non snake mascot in the room, there are plenty of snakes that need cheering on, especially during the breeding season!

RA RA RA!!!! WOOHOOOO!!! Etc, etc, etc...

Anyway, I took a really good photo of one of the Specials again, just to show off how they are growing up.

I know a lot of people are curious still about them, and there is very little information about them out there. So, I will answer any questions you may pose to me OTHER THAN PRICE.

I do not intend to price these animals right now, nor am I comfortable doing so as I am not selling them, so if you are interested in a Special, talk to me after I hatch them.

So with that being said, ask away!

And, I will approach any questions on Monday.

Have a great weekend, my friends.


Jackie M. said...

They react with the BEL genes, is that the deal? So are they related to NERDs hidden gene?

And what all have they been mixed with, and with what results?

Jackie M. said...

Oh, and I have a ghost question. You might have answered this sometime, I forget. Are green ghosts the same as orange ghosts and butterscotch ghosts and other hypos? And what's up with the G1 ghosts?