Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yes, it is breeding time, and I am getting to see more breeding attempts, and more locks from more animals now that we are close to the end of the actual season somewhat. I started in November (technically on my Birthday, October 29th, but its close enough), and now in February, I am seeing the most action in terms of breedings and pairings and some female development.

This is making me feel a little bit better about things, but I would prefer to see more.

Here are a few things I managed to catch on Camera.

My Pee-Oh-Gee (Pastel Orange Ghost) at an attempt at breeding with a Black Pastel female I produced in 2007.

Mister Gee the Genetic Stripe breeding with one of my Pastel females. Pastels het Genetic Stripe, here we come!

This is a project I was unsure about doing because the female was being a picky eater, but here it is... My own line of Het Red Axanthics (the original female) and the Pied.
Het Red Axanthic Pieds, here we come!

Normal female (one of my chunker females) with my Pastel Lesser male. He is a STUD and I am very glad to have him in rotations. I am hoping for more reduced Pastel Lessers from this pairing.
No alien heads, please!

And Gee again, a few days post pairing of the Pastel, making it with my proven Het Genetic Stripe female.
Here's to finally hatching out my female Genetic Stripes.

So, with all my bitching and complaining aside, things are looking up here in terms of pairings and breedings. I am even thinking about plugging in the incubator, but I think that may be a bit premature at this point, considering all the NOT action I have been seeing over the last few months. This is going to be a late hatching year for me, it seems. But all we can do it hope!

And maybe plug in the incubator, just in case...

Have a great day, my friends!


BlackJackReptiles said...

How did you come about getting your own line of Het Red Axanthics?

Royal Morphz said...

^^^^^ it was a Normal until she put it with a Black Pastel year before last and made Chipo the first ever Black Pastel Het Red. Man Chipo is almost 2 years old already?


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Chipo, how about a recent picture of her?

BlackJackReptiles said...

Confused LOL

Heather Wong said...

It was a dinker female that I proved to be Het Red.

Technically, I am not completely 100% on her being a Het Red unless I breed her with another Het Red and make Red Axanthics, but I am 95% certain she is a Het Red, and have been told by other breeders as well.

So, I produced the first Black Pastel Het Red Axanthic on accident, with the female "Het Red" that I have.

Make more sense now?