Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Adventure in the Life of Marty Cohen

We have not visted upon one of the mascots of the Heather's Herps family in a while.

Let us say hello again to Marty Cohen.

Marty Cohen lives in the snake room, next to the supply pens and issues.

He also lives several stories above some of the rodents. He tends to enjoy watching them. FREQUENTLY. He is a cat, after all. But don't worry, he can't get at them. They are safe... for now.

And cause all he does is wander around the snake room, he tends to lounge around, including on the scale. It's nice and cool, but he is getting a bit chubby... He used to way less before we took him in and gave him a home. What a spoiled kitty cat.

He does have a kinky side. He likes to watch his friend, Sterling, attempt to get it on... (Naughty Naughty Cat) Not sure why, but... hey, to each his own.

He also likes hanging out with the Ghosts...
She scares him a little, especially being deep in shed and being a bit dirty. BOOO!!!

He also likes hanging out with the spicy ladies... including this Cinnamon gal.
Ai-ai-ai! Que Caliente es!

They like each other alot.

But at the end of the day, after all of the hanging out and lounging around, Marty Cohen likes to cuddle back into his basket and go to sleep...

Go to sleep, Marty Cohen.

Until next time, my friends, we say goodbye to Marty Cohen. When will we encounter him again? We shall see...

Have a great day!


BlackJackReptiles said...

Is a Cinnamon the same as Cinnamon Pastel?

Heather Wong said...

Yes, a Cinnamon is the same as a Cinnamon Pastel. I touched on that topic here.

Hopefully that will help!