Friday, February 19, 2010

Things that I am working on

Like all humans, there are things I am working on.

Things in my life, things at my job, things that I would like to make better...

But on top of all of that is what I am working on with my snakes. They are a great and important part of what I do day to day, so therefore, we will focus on them.

With all the breedings I am doing, these are a few of the babies I'm trying to produce.

This is not quite what I'm working on, but imagine them melded together to form the Pastel Pied... My Pastel het Pied male is dutifully doing his job to help me achieve my goal of getting some Pastel Pieds this year.

The Pastel Lesser is working his magic as well, and I expect to have Super Pastel Lessers, Pastel Lesser Spiders, Pastel Lessers and more. I'm debating about throwing him in with a Mojave, but we'll see what happens.

This is also one of those things that you need to imagine. Imagine the two Pewters melded together. I am really hoping for a Super Pewter this year. Maybe a few, but I'm trying not to be greedy.

There are a few other projects I'm hoping for, but I didn't take combo pictures. Maybe I'll do a few more for next week, eh?

I hope you enjoy your days, and work on your own things as well.

Have a fantastic weekend, my friends.


Chad said...

Love me some pieds. I'm really trying to get my breeding operation started with them. I have one young 09' Het male (I think) but I need some sub adults or adults! Money sucks when you love reptiles!

Jackie M. said...


Jackie M. said...

I actually bought that pewter girl from you in large part because I saw the pics of the super pewter at the VPI bragging post. And then you hatched out four perfect girls, and really, that was too much to pass up.