Thursday, February 4, 2010

RANT: Puppies and phones don't mix


Last night I went out to check on the yard and feed the dogs. Apparently, my phone fell on the ground, and I didn't notice.

A few hours later, I notice my phone is gone... and I check everywhere to find it.

I finally find it with the help of a few friends and Joel outside in the yard, covered in mud and scratches...

We clean it off, and lo and behold, there are chew marks and scrapes from the puppy.

How classy is my phone now?? SO TOTALLY EXTRA CLASSY NOW!


I'm a little bummed, but such is the life of a puppy owner, yes?

And yes, I still love Kona. I'm just a bit miffed.

Anyway, I have been giving the males a longer break than normal due to my hectic schedule this week, on top of the fact that I have not been seeing much action in terms of prized pairings. So... Time for a break for everyone, a few nice juicy rats, and then we are back in business.

I am trying to figure out the last few pairings that I have been putting off, as well as a few females that I have been on the fence about putting into the rotations this season.

1100 gram females around this time of year are the bane of my existance.

1200, and we are good. 1100??? They are just taunting me.

And of course they are off feed, or else they would already be 1200 grams...


Maybe I should just push the limit to 1500 grams and be over it. That way these females can't keep pissing me off.


Maybe I'll do that.


Anyway, yes, that was a random photo of the Sulfur Mojave. I'm stoked to have her, and have been wracking my brain to figure out what to put her with when the time comes, but of course, with the age she has, I have a year or so to decide anyway.

That's another thing...

Plans in the future. I try not to have any anymore, because they NEVER seem to work. I just grow them up, and figure out the pairings with the males and females that I have at the time. It seems to be better for my sanity that way.

It's good to be sane.

Have a fantastic day, my friends.


Kerig Pope said...

Hi Heather,
I'm glad to have found your blog. It's great to hear about the daily happenings of another ball python breeder, and I find that much which you discuss can be applied to my first breeding season (wish me luck).

So what's with 1200 grams? I thought that 1600 was the de-facto magic number? Have you had luck at 1200? If that's the case then my girls are good to go! Though they've been off feed for the last month, dang it. I thought I may just throw in the males for a few hours to see if that spurs them back to eating mode. Oh well, at least my 2500 girl should be safe.
Good luck with your season!


PS; I LOVE tech, but IMHO cell phones are overrated. Then again I'm old...

Jackie M. said...

Go, Kona!

My puppy ate an entire box of granola while I was at the bank last week. And the day after that she ate the first 10 pages of a new book I'd just bought. I guess I should be thankful she didn't eat the ending.

Jackie M. said...

And my biggest girls are 900 grams and holding right now. Which I guess is nice in that I don't stress too much about them not eating.

Oh, but I did have a question for you: one of my 900 gram females is a 2008, and I expect she'll easily hit 1200 grams next year, but do I breed her then? She'll only be two years old, not three. Is it better for her to wait an extra year, do you think?