Thursday, February 11, 2010

Up and coming babies

Again, another day without breeding photos, which means that there is not much action going on at Heather's Herps. I am working on a few new pairings of males that seem to not be interested in any other females with new females.

But since I have the few guaranteed males doing business, I have to say I will have plenty of Pewters...

Which is great! I love Pewters!

And I was hoping to prove out a few yet to be proven Het Ghosts to make some of these lovely creatures..

Ghosts are one of those recessives I didn't get into "soon" enough, so I am playing catch up to get my females. I do have a few, but you gotta have lots to get the recessive job done...

So I'm working on it with Pee-Oh-Gee, but he is on a break right now. So we shall see. I have to say I am excited to get more Ghosts and more Pastel Ghosts. Fingers crossed!

Aren't they beautiful?

I can't wait for eggs, and to know that I'm just missing these locks and that everyone is getting it on.

If only...

Have a great day, my friends!

1 comment:

Krystal said...

Yay, Pewters! I just wish they kept their silvery color better as they aged. Still, they're quite pretty.

Oh, and guess what? I did find a use for Ghosts with my plans! Ghost Axanthics! I probably won't get into them right away, but ya can't go wrong with more silvery goodness! Thanks for the convincing! ;-]