Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Darkness falls

I realize I seem to touch on this topic every week or so, but I wanted to do a photo expose on the dark morphs while I had a chance.

I love taking pictures with morphs NEXT to each other for contrast. Most people only get to see the morph on its own, beautiful in its own right, but when questions arise like "How can you tell X morph is X morph, compared to the Y morph, which is similiar?"

Well, here we go.

Lets begin with the Sable. It is a subtle morph, but what you can see are the large black alien splotches, granite spots in the alien heads (alien heads are the golden patterns on the sides on the black background), and a very dark black overall color.

Next are the Cinnamons. They are a dark brown overall color, with a nice cinnamon colored head. The alien heads can be and usually are attached to each other towards the vent area, and are a golden chocolate color. They have nice flames on the sides underneath the alien heads, and the alien heads are bubbles instead of eyes (one spot inside instead of two). The most distinctive characteristics of Cinnamons is the head coloration.

And last but not least, the Black Pastel, which is very similar to the Cinnamon in terms of what it can do in combinations, but looks very distinctive. The Black Pastel has an overall black background, interspersed with a bright golden alien head pattern. Unlike the Cinnamon, which is a muted chocolate, the alien heads on the Black Pastel are golden brown. Similiar to the Cinnamon, the Alien heads are bubbles, but have a black lined pattern around the bubbles. This characteristic is indicative of the Black Pastel.

And here is a side by side of the Black Pastel and the Cinnamon in terms of the black and brown tones I was trying to describe. Next to each other, it is obvious that the Black Pastel is more golden, while the Cinnamon is more brown.

They both have a Super that is a solid black or dark grey snake, so people tend to combine them together. They are individual morphs, but do similar things.

And now we throw the Sable in the mix. In order from left to right, there is the Black Pastel, Cinnamon and Sable.

Now that the Sable is in the mix, it is again obvious why I call it a subtle morph. It looks normal next to the other two, but Sables are a proven morph. They have a Super that some people consider a Hypermelanistic. Hopefully in a year or so I can share with you what the Super Sable looks like. Until then... google.

I think that I should have thrown in a normal as well, but I didn't think about it at the time.

Anyway, hope this helps you guys figure out what you have.

Have a great day, my friends!

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