Monday, February 22, 2010

Future future projects

Every day, I scan the forums for pictures of new things that I have been curious about. Morphs, combos, and new dinker animals are always shown off and shared on various websites, and I relish the opportunities to see the animals that people are proud of.

And to give me new ideas.

There are pairings that I never considered doing at all, but now am completely sold on producing.

A few examples include the Enchi Pied:

Yes, again with the imagination of melded imagery, but you understand. It is an amazing animal, and I am sorry I don't have any photos to share personally.

Another animal I want to make is the Silver Surfer, care of my friend Colin Weaver.

The Silver Surfer is the Hypo Super Pastel Black Pastel Lesser.... WHEW!!!

A few other animals that interest me that I don't work with are the Calicos as well as the Phantoms/Mystics. The more I see the combos that are out there and the people that are clever enough to think of these combinations, the more I try and figure out what I want to do in the future.

I have the intentions of working on a Spinner Snow, the Super Pastel Albino Pied, as well as the Super Pastel Clown Pied.

Those are just a few, and I know that most have yet to be done. So I hope to make the grade and make it happen!

And you out there in internet land, make it happen too! I'm sure you guys can think of some off the wall combo and make it happen.. and I will be cheering you on!

Have a great day, my friends.


Krystal said...

Wow, I hadn't seen older pictures of the Silver Surfer before. Holy cow, what a snake!

I'd like to make an Axanthic Calico at some point, as well as Pastel and Super Pastel Axanthic Calicos. I haven't seen anyone working with this combo yet, but I'm sure more people will by the time I get around to it. :P

So...I have kind of an odd question, but it fits the topic. I have one "secret" combo I'm working on; however, I don't really think the double recessive snakes would look particularly interesting. In fact, they probably won't look any different than the simple recessive morphs that make it. Is it kinda dumb to do something like that that probably won't result in anything cool and different? I haven't even heard mumblings about someone trying this combo (probably because it won't look any different), which makes me excited, but...yeah. I guess, if nothing else, the double recessive would make a great breeder for other combos...but I may get stuck with a lot of double het offspring that no one wants....

What are your thoughts on trying a combo that most likely won't look like anything cool and new?

Heather Wong said...


I will touch on this in tomorrows blog, but I want to make a point of saying just because other people may not like it, there are people out there that will appreciate the efforts you have done to make what you made.

You may be saddled with something for a while, but with enough marketing and trading, you can move the animals you want to.

Curious about the "secret", but I understand. :)

All the best!


Jackie M. said...

I'm DYING to see a special x mystic/phantom. Just, er, so you know.