Monday, February 8, 2010

Some breedings, but not enough

I don't know what is happening this season, but it is NOT going to plan.

I am getting frustrated a bit, but... WOOSA.

Some of the males aren't doing what they are supposed to be doing. I have yet to catch the Pastel Super Mojave doing anything, as well as the Bumblebee. They are making sperm plugs, but they are not locking when I look.

Even Gee, the G Stripe is getting lazy. I have yet to see him lock with any female again this year either.

But there are a few males I can count on.

The Pastel het Pied is doing his thing.

The Sterling is focusing on breeding more than eating, but he is doing his job!

And the Albino is a great breeder as well (I tried to get a Pene shot, but I didn't manage it)

So I am trying to stay positive, since there is a lot riding on a few of these males who I have yet to see breed.


A few males are also still on break, so hopefully I can share more different males working soon enough. But until then, random photos of the collection will abound!

Any words of encouragement would be appreciated.. I'm getting annoyed.

Have a great day, my friends!


mzatkns said...

Hey Heather,

Its Shaliah sending some positive juju your way. I know you're going to have an Awesome breeding season!!!!

Krystal said...

Well, maybe male ball pythons are like male humans: Some would rather make love all night, and some prefer a quickie in the back seat.

Here's to hoping you just have an overabundance of quickie males!