Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pattern Morphs versus Color Morphs

Well, there are a few animals that I wonder what the particular appeal is more than others. This stemming from the Dark Morph blog from a few days ago. I can tell what people DON'T like, but what is the MUST HAVE?

Patterns seem to be a big thing, although its interesting what the differences are. Womas and Spiders look similar, but in fact are not the same. The difference (the Super Woma being the Pearl), however, does not make Womas more popular by any means. Spiders still seem to be the go-to pattern morph. Pinstripes? A close second, but not the ONE that everyone seems to want.

Now with the color morphs, Pastels seem to be the big thing as well. Common and easy to find, and beautiful. If you were a newbie in the ball python world, most people would buy a Pastel. Albinos are a close second as well, as they obviously hold the WOW factor. Pieds are also a good one, but with the current price tag, some Newbies are unwilling to get them.

Now the question really is... WHY?

I have yet to figure that part out, and although the go-to animals in pattern and in color seem to be bright and obviously different from the norm.

But why Pastels and Spiders rather than any of the others??

The one thing I can think of is that they make THESE:

Bumblebees, the morph that I know many many people aspire to have. I know I do as well!

Anyone have any thoughts on this??

Please share!

Have a great day, my friends!

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