Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super, not so Super, and Helpers

I have a constant shadow in my room with me if I let it in. Kona is always in the room if the door is open. I was cleaning a tub that I can't reach, and was on my stepstool, and look down, and there was a puppy on the ground looking up! She appears out of no where...

Unfortunately she doesn't help.

If she could, that would be much more interesting, but she just stares at the rodents.

Oh well...

Anyway, in terms of random photo shoots, I decided to do some BRIGHT animals to start out with.

This is my Firefly, the Fire Pastel. He is absolutely stunning, and I really really really like him. He was one of those once I saw him, I had to have him animals.

And this is my Super Pastel. She is a stunner as well, but a complete brat and loves to be angry all the time.

Here they are together to show you the difference in shade of neon yellow... The Firefly is still brighter, but the Super Pastel is still bright (and angry).

I really like how these photos show the difference in coloration between the two morphs. Both have Pastel, but both are different in nature. Once the Firefly is ready, I want to have a Superfly (Super Pastel Fire) to compare to as well. I'm sure it will burn my eyes in terms of brightness, and I can't wait to see it!

And what about Pastels compared to the Firefly?

No contest.

Pastels are still amazing in their own right, but... here is the obvious proof that there are some excellent brighteners in terms of base morphs to make things pop!

Remember, just add a Fire to the Pastel, and you can get something THAT much brighter! WOW!

Now if only these amazingly bright animals and others could help clean up...

Wishful thinking, I know.

Oh well.

Have a great day, my friends!


Anonymous said...

Will you be producing Fireflys or Supers this season? Thinking of adding a Super Pastel to the collection. My female Mojave I got from you he doing great! Never misses a meal haha.


Jackie M. said...

Yeah, my dogs are helpy too: itt's like they're being helpful, only without the the help.

Heather Wong said...


I will be making Supers this year for sure! No Fireflies though... That's next year!