Friday, May 13, 2011

Age comparison

I did this type of this last year with a few morphs, and while I was in the snake room yesterday, I decided to try and do it again.  The difference between these animals is about a year.

Below, we have an adult Pastel and a subadult pastel. These are from different lines (adult is Bell Line, subadult is Graziani), but you can see the changes in the coloration between the two. It is rather dramatic, but again remember that these are not the same animal. The adult does not have as high yellow as the subadult, but the overall tone is the same.

Pinstripes! These guys don't change much other than they get darker. Most adult stuff gets darker as it ages, so of course, this is no exception. You can tell that the sub adult is somewhat golder, while the adult is rather browner. Pattern stays the same, really...


And of course, I saved the most dramatic for last. Pewters, both Cinnamon x Pastel crosses. The sub adult is rather silvery purple, with bright yellow tones. You could consider it grey even. The adult, however, has mellowed out into a nice golden overall tone, with a muddy upper tone above in the spine region. It is intriguing to see that the difference of about a year changes these animals so much.

Now I have intentions of completing a few more attempts at these photos. If you have any requests for particular growing animals (that I can actually do), I would be more than happy to provide them here on the blog.

Until then, my friends, have a safe and happy Friday the 13th, and a great weekend!

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